Smart Tech Health-Care Link is keen to provide services to all the hospitals in the world. It also provide services to hospitals that is within and outside the country Nigeria. Smart Tech Health-Care Link was founded in the year 2nd Aug 2016. and was establish in 18th Dec 2016.

In case you haven’t heard of the platform before, Smart Tech Health-Care Link allow hospitals ownership to register and help to create awareness to the general public of the kind of services carried out in their hospital, the type of doctors available, their areas of specialization.

Hospitals ownership or organization are able to register their business name, location of branch hospital with google map.

Smart Tech Health-Care Link have a logistic functionality that allow Users to find the best hospital anywhere around the world with geo location.

Smart Tech Health-Care Link allow hospital's to perform emergency rescue to the users who request for the service , help hospitals to create awareness of their existence to the general public and the kind of services carried out in their hospital.

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