Storexy Easystart – Readymade Ecommerce Website Service (Subscription & One-off Plans)


Do you need an e-commerce website for your business? Select one of our pre-designed templates to have your website deployed in the shortest possible time.  No maintenance headaches, no surprise costs.

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  • Free .com domain (1 yr)
  • Free hosting (1 yr)
  • Free SSL Certificate (HTTPS)
  • Connect existing domain
  • SEO Optimized pages
  • Online Payment Integration
  • Custom Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Products
  • Create Coupons
  • Easy Customization
  • Create & Add Pages
  • Live Chat Integration
  • Admin CMS
  • Website Blog
  • Homepage Responsive Slider
  • Newsletter Service
  • Abandoned cart saver
  • Parcel Tracking
  • Index Website On Google
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Google Search Console
  • Testimonials/Reviews Page
  • Schedule Delivery Calendar
  • Multicurrency Support
  • Points & Rewards Feature
  • Digital Marketing Support
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Total price:70,000


Are you a beginner looking to launch your online presence without the hassle of technical complexities? Look no further than Storexy’s subscription plans. Designed specifically for starters, our Bi-annual and Annual plans offer a comprehensive solution where our dedicated team handles all the technical overhead.

With our subscription plans, you can leave the hosting, email management, backups, software updates, and security patches to us. Your website will be securely hosted on the Storexy server, with your chosen domain seamlessly connected to it. Rest assured, you’ll have complete access to your domain account, ensuring you retain full control over your online presence.


For those who prefer a hands-on approach, we also offer a one-off plan. With this option, we’ll deploy the website on your server, empowering you to take charge of every aspect. We’ll provide all the necessary resources and guidance to ensure a smooth transition, putting you in the driver’s seat of your online success.


Choose Storexy and experience hassle-free website management, whether you prefer our subscription plans for expert support or the one-off plan for complete independence. Start your online journey today and unlock the potential of your business.



How does Storexy Easystart work?

Storexy Easystart works like hiring a developer to build you an e-commerce website. You can begin in 3 easy steps
(a) Select your plan
(b) Select your template
(c) Submit your business information.
A correspondent will reach out to you while we process your request.

I don’t have coding or design experience.

You don’t need to be an expert to operate your e-commerce website. Most of your tasks will be simple drag and drop activities. You can customize the look and feel of your website from your admin panel, and if you still need extra help, contact us.


Can I switch plans?

Yes, you can switch plans anytime from your admin panel linked to your website. The amount of days allocated to your new plan will be added to whatever is left on your existing plan. If you choose the outright payment plan, your website will be deployed on your preferred server and stripped off our management control code.


What happens after the subscription expires?

When your subscription expires, your website will become inaccessible to customers and redirect to a page requesting for your subscription payment. You will however still be able to access your admin panel in order to resubscribe. If your account remains unsubscribed and inactive for 30 days, your website (and all its files and emails) will be removed from our server and you will have to start all over again with an additional $50 re-installment fee.


I don’t have time to manage and monitor online business or orders. Can you help?

We offer add-on services such as extensive website management. With this option, we can provide a dedicated team to manage your website, social media and other digital deliverables, so you can focus on the operational aspect of your business.


I don’t have a logo yet. Can I still start?

Sure, you can. While waiting for your logo, your business name will be displayed in the logo area of your website. We also offer logo design services which you can opt for while submitting your store information.


How does shiping process work?

You are in full control of the shipping process. You can set all delivery parmeters by adding your preferred delivery locations, cost of delivery or enabling cash on delivery to your preferred locations. You don’t need to ship items yourself. You can use a third-party fulfilment service to prepare and ship your orders for you.


How much of the website can I customize?

You can pretty much customize everything – colors, positioning, banners, content, tags, integrate API for chat app, featured tweets, online payment and more.


I already have a domain name. Can I use it?

Yes, you can use an existing domain. Our correspondent will collect necessary details to connect it to your new website.


What happens when I receive an order?

You’ll receive an email notification every time your receive an order. New orders will also be displayed on your admin dashboard when you log into your admin panel.


How do I receive payments from customers?

You can receive payment by bank transfer, online payment and you can also activate Pay on Delivery for your preferred locations. You can integrate as many online payment channels as you wish. Your website comes with the option of using Paystack and Bank Transfer by default


Is there a tutorial material for managing the admin panel?

Yes, video tutorials will be provided. You can also contact us for more information.


Can I have other pages and features added?

Sure, you can add more pages from your website admin. If it requires some complexity, you can request for more features by reaching out to us.


Can I download my website code?

No, you can’t, if you’re under a subscription plan. To download the full website, you have to pay for the one-time purchase option. Your entire website files will then be sent to you or deployed on your preferred host.


In what currencies can I be paid?

You are allowed to select Naira, British Pounds or US dollars as your default currency. To have multiple currencies featured on your website, you will have to request for a multicurrency addon.

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