Society for Empowering Vulnerable Individuals, Communities and Systems (SEVICS) is an organization that is set to provide people-centered interventions that target improved wellbeing and livelihood of the most vulnerable persons in rural Nigerian communities especially young persons and the aged. SEVICS combines participatory learning, advocacy and community development to contribute towards improved social systems using simple, affordable, socially acceptable approaches, technologies and innovations.

The objectives of the organization are:

- To facilitate knowledge sharing and capacity building towards effective provision of improved health education services tailored to meet the needs of young and old people within communities.

- To promote self-sufficiency for young people through skills development and financial empowerment using accessible and affordable technologies and innovations.

- To promote creativity among young (& old) people through strategically engaging them in wholesome technical and recreational activities that develop mental capacity and overall well being.

- To facilitate continuous participatory learning action on issues affecting young and old people with the aim to improve services provided to each group in line with specific needs.

- To provide structural and administrative support to relevant governmental and non-governmental educational institutions with the aim of establishing adequate, acceptable and inclusive systems for equity in provision and access to services for young (& old) people.

  • 4 Johnny Nwachukwu Street, Trans-Ekulu, Enugu, Nigeria, Enugu, Enugu

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