Premierbon consult is a consultant company that are expert in Business feasibility, Management, also help organisations to solve issues, create value, maximize growth and improve business performance.we use our business skills to provide objective advice and expertise and help an organisation to develop any specialist skills that it may be lacking.our mission is actualizing the visualization of the people to achieve goals and massive growth in their vision.

1 • • • Builds the relationship with the client; Expert of a particular domain; and Handles a few projects at the same time.

1 • • • • • Has intensive knowledge and experience of a particular domain; Oversees the everyday duties of the other team members; Facilitates regular meetings; Coaches and counsels the other team members; and Works full-time on the project. 1-2 • • • Has gained substantial experience in a specific industry; Gathers and analyzes raw data; and Works full-time on the project. • • • New to the management consulting industry; Gathers and analyzes raw data; Provides support to the consultants and team manager through data collection, tabulation, and analysis; and Works full-time on the project. 1-2 • All rights reserved by More free consulting career advice on 4

5. Schedules and travels Management consultants work approximately 50–80 hours per week. The complexity of their duties demands a great deal of time and they struggle with the never ending issue of maintaining a work-life balance. Exceeding the nine-to-five corporate schedule, consultants work overtime for their deliverables. When they get home, they allot another hour or two for checking and responding to emails in order to lessen their work load the following day. Many management consultants work at their client’s offices to obtain first-hand information, get a feel for the company’s culture, and convey their motivation and sincerity through their actions. They work off-site Monday–Thursday and report back to their home satellite office on Friday. When the client is based in a different state or country, some consultants decide to stay in the client’s location for weeks in order to beat deadlines. This can be one of the reasons why consultants complain they have less quality time for their loved ones. All rights reserved by More free consulting career advice on 5

6. Services and industries Multinational management consulting firms cater to companies across all industries. The ―Big Three,‖ Bain, BCG, and McKinsey, have Fortune 1000 clients in the fields of transportation, consumer products, private equity, mergers and acquisitions, and technology, among others. They usually employ thousands of employees based in different parts of the globe. Experts in boutique consulting firms focus on a few niches. For instance, L.E.K. concentrates on mergers and acquisitions, shareholder value, and business strategy. The Yankee Group is an example of a boutique firm in the telecommunications sector. Boutique firm consultants can master their services easily because they encounter virtually the same challenges on every project. All rights reserved by Consulting Fact More free consulting career advice on consulting fact

Job specifications A. Education The minimum educational requirement for this industry is an undergraduate degree, preferably in management, business administration, economics, statistics, or other business course(s). Graduates with alternative degrees may also apply, but they must exert more effort into networking, engaging in extra-curricular activities, and building consulting skills to prove their competency to the employer. Consulting recruiters often visit prestigious schools for recruitment, and in many cases, the top students are offered entry-level positions in the firm

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