Precision Fibreglass Manufacturing Company is a Nigerian owned Fibreglass Technology manufacturing company with a clear difference. We started our business with the passion to meet local content with ample experience and genuine service delivery without compromising values. We undertake Fibreglass fabrication and manufacturing of Fishponds, Swiming pools, Flying Boat pannel, Rooftops, Car Bumper, Car Dashboards, FRP Tanks, Water treatment plants, School Playgrounds, Amusement Park play tubs, Oil rigs & Pipes etc.

What Makes Us Different

we are specialist as we are acquainted with the different types of resins that can do any job you want to accomplish. For example, we can use the Isophthalic Resin for Pool building resin, boat building. We also use the Vinylester Resin that is a rigid and hard resin for chemical and corrosion resistant. Try us and become a referral.

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