About Us: We manufacture and distribute packaged food products to African markets, addressing localised nutrition needs by offering affordable and fortified products. We offer good quality, inexpensive feed, and day-old-chicks to farmers, which also contributes to foods security.


Brands of Animal feeds we produce:




Ultima Feeds

Chikun Feeds





Ecofloat Feeds

Aqualis Feeds

Blue crown feedstock


Our mill farm produces 36,000 metric tonnes of rice for local markets under brands such as Mama’s Pride and Mama’s Choice.


Brand's of rice we produce:


Mama Gold

Mama’s Pride

Mama Choice Etc......


Crown Flour Mills is the second largest wheat miller in Nigeria, with two state-of-the-art facilities in Lagos, and one in Port Harcourt.


Brands of flour we produce:


Mama Gold Flour

Mix & Bake Superb Flour

Bakewell Flour

Supreme Lite Flour

Bua & Crown Premium Flour Etc.......



We support an ‘Out grower programme’ for local rice-growing communities, offering training, pre-finance, fertiliser and seeds in order to improve their paddy yields. Olam generate tens of thousands of indirect jobs through our network of farmers, suppliers/ wholesalers, local buying agents and service providers. In addition to our internal sourcing and markets, we also have significant import and export operations.

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