Nemak Veterinary Konsult is located was established in January January 2017 in Enugu Nigeria with qualified and experience veterinary Doctor and Assistants with the responsibilities of :

.Examination of sickanimals to detect and determine the nature of diseases or injuries,treat sick or injured animals by prescribing medication, setting bones, dressing wounds and performing surgery.

Inoculation of animals against various diseases in large and small animals.Collect body tissue, faeces, blood, urine, or other body fluids for examination and analysis.

Advising animal owners regarding sanitary measures, feeding, and general care necessary to promote health of animals.Educate the public about diseases that can be spread from animals to humans. Train and supervise workers who handle and care for animals.

Establishment and conduction of quarantine and testing procedures that prevent the spread of diseases to other animals or to humans, and that comply with applicable government regulations

 Conduct postmortem studies and analyses to determine the causes of animals' deaths.

Inspect and test horses, sheep, poultry, and other animals to detect the presence of contagious diseases.

Plan and execute animal nutrition and reproduction programs.

Research diseases to which animals could be susceptible.

Inspect animal housing facilities to determine their cleanliness and adequacy.Determine the effects of drug therapies, antibiotics, or new surgical techniques by testing them on animals.

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