Kingspay Private Household Services is an Exclusive Household Staffing agency, with over 10 years’ experience in the business of staff recruitment, training, placement and management – with a client portfolio of dignitaries, elite, royal households and corporate organizations across the world.

Kingspay Private Household Services offers only the most highly qualified and experienced staff to match specific and exact client requirements.

Our exclusive household services, was born out of the need to bridge the gap between quality care and domestic services that can guarantee peace of mind for clients, while ensuring they feel secure as well as lighten their worries when it comes to managing their household or event affairs.

Our process and structure is hinged on our value of Professionalism, Standard and Finesse. Our staff members are Trained, Versatile, Discreet, Disciplined and guaranteed to have Hands-on experience before being assigned to any client.

KingsPay staff members are trained and tested to be conversant with the best practices for household management, carrying out domestic chores as well as other areas such as -

- Hygeine

- Etiquette

- First aid and health support

- Childcare and development

- Strategic planning and time keeping

- House management and equipment handling

Our staff categories include: Butlers, Housekeepers, Nannies and childcare personel, Personal Assistants, House Manager s and Chef / Cooks.

  • 7th floor Mulliner tower, 30 Alfred Rewane Road. Ikoyi, Lagos, Victoria Island, Lagos

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