JOVANA FARMS .Prince Arinze is an expert in animal farming such as grasscutter, rabbit, quail, antelope, guinea-pig and fish faming. He is also an ace columnist, self-publisher of five books and a prolific wiriter of over five hundred articles. He has functioned effectively and successfully as a farmer, seminar facilitator in over thirty states in Nigeria and three other countries. An agric development advocate and empowerment speaker.

Arinze has proven skills in farm design and construction, fish and livestock management and production systems, workplace health and safety, landscaping, sourcing materials, onsite management and supervision. He has over fifteen years experience in the industry and have setup farms and/or consulted in over twenty states in Nigeria and two other countries.

He has trained a reasonable number of prospective farmers in the fish and livestock industry and keeps good records of his activities.

Arinze has continued to research on modern animal production methods, conduct feasibility studies and has offered practical assistance to numerous people who are interested in learning about Animal farming in their own villages, towns, local government areas, states, region or country.

He has been in the business of Aquaculture and livestock farming and research for many years. He is the founder and brain-behind JOVANA FARMS and one of the architects of modern Fish and Livestock farming in Nigeria, a fast growing agricultural Sub-sector of the Nigerian economy.

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