Are you a building contractor or an individual on a structure that involves the use of scaffolds. At INTELLIGENT SCAFFOLDERS we offer services ranging from:

a. Scaffold Erection and Dismantling: proficient at erecting and dismantling of

scaffold for high rise buildings, oil rigs and offshore installations; working at height

with strict adherence to safety.

b. Scaffold Rental: We lease/rent scaffold equipment to companies and individuals,

we have various types of scaffolds for lease/rent.

c. Sales of Scaffold Equipment such as:

i. Tubes

ii. Couplers

iii. Mobile Scaffold

iv. H Frame Scaffold

v. Scaffold Ladders

vi. Metal and Wooden Platforms

vii. Debris Netting

d.Event/Outdoor Stages & Grandstand Scaffolding System

e. Outsourcing of Personnel: Our well trained personnel are sourced to companies

and individual in the areas of scaffold erection, inspection, supervision and safety.

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