Hanana Global Link Limited. As a company operating in all ECOWAS countries and having offices in Cotonou-Benin, Ghana, Côte d'Ivoire, Nigeria, and Lome-Togo, it appears that Hanana Global Link Limited has established a strong presence in West Africa.

Here's a breakdown of the services mentioned:

West Africa Transport and Logistics: Hanana Global Link Limited provides transportation and logistics solutions within West Africa. This could involve the movement of goods, materials, and products across the region, ensuring efficient and reliable delivery.

Customs Clearing Agent: Being a customs clearing agent means that Hanana Global Link Limited assists clients with the clearance of goods through customs processes and procedures. This service helps ensure compliance with customs regulations and facilitates the smooth movement of goods across borders.

Border Logistics: Border logistics services are likely offered to facilitate the movement of goods across national borders within the ECOWAS countries. This includes managing documentation, coordinating with customs authorities, and handling the necessary logistics to ensure seamless cross-border operations.

Travel and Tours: Hanana Global Link Limited may also provide travel and tour services, which could involve organizing and arranging travel itineraries, accommodations, transportation, and other related services for individuals or groups visiting the West African region.

  • Block 213, very close to shopping center, mile 2, Amuwo Odofin, Lagos State, Lagos, Lagos

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