I believe You mite have not here about this new device call Fuelless generator, is a new technology that generate electricity without using any form of fuel (petrol or diesel). It is not an inverter, solar system or wind energy system and it does not depend on nature whatsoever.

*This fuelless generator operates with the principle of recycling of energy and it give 24hrs of electricity as long as you want to use it.

why is called a fueless generator is because it convert mechanical energy into electricity.

Generator" "no engine cant work

without the use of fuel or diesel that's why it use a piston and ring these rolls the crankshaft which lead to the amateur

As we all know one of the major fundamental problems we face in

Nigeria, problem of electricity supply, the Nigeria beareu of

statistic shows annual report that Nigeria spent over 2trillion Nair

to fuel , petrol and diesels engines just to survive the siege of lack

of electricity .

For these reasons the use of petrol and diesels engine has been

difficult and expensive to utilize.

To solve these problems these bring about creating a new alternative

power supply. New generator efficiency at lower cost. And

well-structured engine that works without the use of fuel,therefore

not harmful to human health.

These new alternative power supply is maintenance free. Our

product works with a rotor and is been powered with a battery with the

help of a coil and armature which supply (230-240) volts a 2.5hourse

power machine which is automatically 1862.5watts.

these new alternative power supply will provide

Cost effective

Harmless to human health

Fuel less

Uninterrupted power supply

Low maintenance

Easy to operate

*Battery booster (Transformer)

Using a simple scenario to analyze this engine and how it works -:

for example let’s say the engine is a phone and everybody know that

when a phone battery is low it will short down, but when you are

charging the phone and still yet at the same time making use of the

phone, the power consume is been replace likewise these new

innovation of fuel-less generator works with a motor and capacitors

coil and ameture ,circuit breaker dye-wood and the help of a

transformer to charge its self back to normal.

This generator is a new source of power that is completely safe, free and efficient, the durability and design is Top notch. This generator, unlike every other generator doesn't have an engine which consumes fuel/gas and makes noise. Instead of an engine, it has a DC motor which is powered by 12volts 1000Amps and Above motor battery and recharges it self while operating. This generator generates 7.5Kva and above of power with which you can use in your home, office or shop. You can use the following gadgets. A 6hp Airh condition 3 refrigerators Electric cooker,Electric iron,Microwave, thermocool freezer,Television sets and Audio s upound systems or its equivalent. In order not to overuse and overheat the generator, it is advisable to switch off the generator for up to 1hours after using it for about 20hours so you can continue enjoying your safe, noiseless and fuelless power supply. manufaWarranty.Batteries are included in our warranty.We warrant our products for faulty parts and workmanship.This warranty does not cover misuse, incorrect or irregular maintenance and accidents during use.If a product or part is faulty, we require it to be sent back to us' or you can reach us in any of our site'

because we are responsible for all postage costs of returning any faulty item back to us and also responsible for the postage costs incurred when we send the replacement part back to the purchaser

This product are made in Korea and assembly here in Nigeria.

Here are the capacities and price'

5kva -#100,000

6kva -#110,000

7kva - #120,000

7.5kva -#135,000

9kva - #200,000

10kva - #210,000

12kva - #280,000

16kva - #320,000

20kva - #400,000

25kva - #450,000

30kva - #500,000

50kva - #580,000

60kva - #650,000


This capacities you see here from 5kva to 16kva are met for home uses while from 20kva to 100kva are met for industrial uses'

We deliver nation wide'if you are interested in placing oder from us'

DM Mr Oluwadara Oyewole on (09068981969) to get your product booked and delivered to you successfully.

About delivering:

NOTICE: that when deliver to you we do come along with an electrical engineering that will give it a proper installation and he Will teach you on how to make use of it on daily bases and the installation is going to make it inter switch, no need of you going in and out to switch it to , you operate itself BY SWITCHING ON AND OFF for relaxing or once Nepal are NOT Avalabel IT works and IF Nepal are available it keep relaxing

also no extra charges for all that


we have method of payment before shipping any good out of

the show room,

I want to make it clear that we normally get the 80% at first then we get the rest of payment when the generator is been deliver. however, it depends to the trades which we have with buyer for example the numbers of units which we sell can affect the payment method. we also have some alternatives such as led policy of 50% or 60% can be payed at first and the rest can be payed by LC. the shipment is also in responsibility of buyer, because,that percentages payment which you are to make is for the booking,transport,and oder logistics.

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