Glendora Bookshop is the largest online bookstore in Africa. We stock the deepest collection of African Titles in the world.

Glendora has been in the bookselling business since 1975. It was founded by Mrs. Gbemisola Tejuoso an avid book reader and former civil servant in the Lagos State government. The first store was opened at Shop C4, Falomo Shopping Center, Ikoyi, Lagos. It grew to be one of the most popular bookstores in Lagos, with a large variety of books, magazines, confectionery, and stationary. Home to most book aficionados, intellectuals, journalists, artists, lawyers, and other professionals. We now operate five strategically located stores in Lagos managed by her two sons Olakunle Tejuoso and Oluwatoyin Tejuoso.

Our knowledge and long experience in the book industry, as well as partnerships with major international and local publishers and distributors, allows us to provide discounted, and a wide selection of books for our customers

Our book stores, especially the iconic branches at the Jazzhole, Lagos, and the Ikeja City Mall, Ikeja, have established themselves as cultural landmarks, attracting book lovers, and serve as a networking hub for numerous intellectuals, writers and professionals of all sorts. The cafes we run in the stores and the book readings, music shows and talks we stage have always provided a relaxing and stimulating atmosphere for our customers.

The aesthetics of location, display and presentation are also design elements we consider equally important to this proposition and what we consider an important aspect of the art of bookselling. Our on-line web operation is one of the most efficient in the book industry and our website is the most popular and effective Internet bookstore in the country.

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