ConnectsellerNG is powered by Smilebay Realties Limited. We are deep into property marketing as we have several real estate developers who build brand new properties for sale as well as a database of sellers of lands and landed properties both old and new. ConnectsellerNG is a real estate website that will market properties for sale here in Nigeria. It will be a platform where buyers will be able to look at several properties for sale and any property they're interested to buy will have an action button “Connect to Seller” which they will click on to fill a form and get connected to the seller by paying the sum of N55k. when payment has been confirmed, we will provide the buyer with every contact information of the seller.

The website will provide every detail of the properties for sale. Every detail of fittings and finishing used on the property as well as a “talk to an agent” phone number which will ensure that buyers are able to talk to an agent who will give the buyer a good knowledge of the property internal/external features and every detail which will enable buyer make a good choice.

This real estate website will help buyers connect to sellers without being stalled by unprofessional agents that makes their purchase very uneasy as they can't connect and meet up with sellers at ease of their own time and convenience.

ConnectsellerNG customer base consists of 2 major clients {REAL ESTATE DEVELOPERS/SELLERS & REAL ESTATE BUYERS}

Real Estate Developers/Sellers:

ConnectsellerNG has a data base of real estate developers/sellers who build and sell brand new properties in several states in Nigeria; Lagos, Abuja, Enugu, Port Harcourt, Calabar, etc. these developers/sellers are considered as the supplier of the products (property) which will be advertised on the website with pictures of every detail the property has got.

Developers and sellers will be able to list on ConnectsellerNG by sending details of properties they intend to list with us. Properties such as flats, terraces, townhouses, detached duplex, semi-detached duplex and lands available for sale with detailed description of the features and title documents of the properties they send to us. These properties will be listed live on our platform for prospective buyers to see online. Individual sellers who have properties for sale such as lands and houses can also get listed on the website to advertise their properties, be it old or renovated properties which they will all have a chance to publish their properties on the website.

Real Estate Buyers:

Buyers in real estate will be considered as consumers of the product (property) prospective buyers that visits ConnectsellerNG will be able to browse through several listings on the website which will publish properties for sale with detailed description of the features and environment. There will be a “talk to agent” phone number which will connect the buyer to an agent on the website to get more detailed information on the properties of interest.

The website will provide all information the buyer needs to be sure that the property he's interested in is actually what he will like to inspect and consider for purchase. After the buyer has made payment of the one-time connection fee of N55, 000.00 the buyer will be provided with the sellers contact information. Inspection is optional and free which can be indicated by a buyer who wants our agent to show him the property or inspection could be disregarded by a buyer who wants to meet the seller at his own convenient time. There will be a connection validity of 1 month on each payment which will ensure that the buyer has a month for inspections and viewing as well as due diligence on the property.

At the expiration of the 1 month access, the buyer will pay another connection fee of N50, 000.00 (fifty thousand naira only) There might be special consideration for an extension of the validity duration depending on buyer’s seriousness to close the transaction.


ConnectsellerNG will publish real estate products such as lands, houses; flats, terraces, townhouses, detached duplexes, semi-detached duplexes, joint ventures, off plan properties etc. they're properties available for sale which buyers will be connected to the sellers of these products with a simple connection fee and no agency fees to be paid by the buyer.


The website will provide several properties for sale in different choice areas of the country.

Direct connection to the sellers of properties.

Advisory and guidance for buyers who have poor knowledge of the real estate market and areas to find properties available for sale.

Quality real estate agency services.

Online and offline property marketing for developers and sellers

Provide a platform where buyers can choose from a variety of properties available for sale and be able to talk to an agent for proper description of the property.

Advantages Of The Website

There are several advantages of the services provided by ConnectsellerNG

Buyers will access properties available for sale from the comfort of their homes.

Buyers are being saved from the cost of driving about looking for properties for sale or an agent to connect them to the sellers.

ConnectsellerNG provides a direct connection to the seller of the property with just one click.

The buyer is being saved from the stress of talking to several unprofessional agents who will stall and delay buyer's transaction because of their agency fees which they guard more importantly than the buyers interest.

Buyers will have an easy access to sellers of properties they are interested in purchasing and they can negotiate and deal with sellers personally and directly without the interference of any agent.

Free inspection.

Professional services.

Attention to detail in property marketing offline and online.

Sellers can advertise their several properties for sale.

Buyers will be directly connected to real estate developers and sellers and will have the freedom to negotiate price personally without any interference from ConnectsellerNG or any real estate agent which will ensure that they buy at the best price that suits their budget.

Buyers using the website will not pay any AGENCY FEES, but a simple connection fee of 55k which is a token compared to the said 5% or 10% that unprofessional agents charge buyers for lesser service.

Genuine real estate deals as a result of direct connection to developers/sellers. Real estate Developers/Sellers can enjoy quality property marketing for their developments for sale as ConnectsellerNG is powered by a real estate Agency Company that markets properties on local and international real estate class fields.

Buyers who do not have enough money to buy outright can find off plan properties or mortgage properties on ConnectsellerNG.

Disadvantages Of The Website

Sellers who do not intend to pay any agency fees might not be able to be listed on our website.

There's no provision made for real estate agents on the website.

For how much will ConnectsellerNG sell?

ConnectsellerNG is a buyer focused portal that has buyer's interest as a priority, which sees that buyer will pay a one-time connection fee to be connected to the seller. Buyers will pay a one-time connection fee of 55k to be connected to the sellers of the properties they're interested in buying which is a token to ensure that the buyers are serious and willing to buy and work with us, this connection fee relieves the buyer from paying any agency fees.

Payments will be made through bank transfer

At the successful conclusion of a purchase by a buyer, real estate developers/sellers will pay ConnectsellerNG agency fees of 3.5% for properties above N50,000,000.00 and 4% for properties below N50,000,000.00

ConnectsellerNG does not accept agency fees from buyers but are only interested in developers/sellers agency fees.

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