Dealing with Bed Bugs in Nigeria?

CHOGON FACILITIES SERVICES LTD has free bed bug treatment tricks that will help you get rid of bed bugs and save thousands of naira.

When it comes to bed bug treatments there are many products that work and many that simply don’t which is why this post outlines the solutions and some basic facts

Save Yourself Months of Suffering from Bedbug


You are not the first person to visit, and you will certainly won’t be the last. If you or someone you loved has a bed bug infestation, I am sure the only thing on your mind right now is how am I going to get rid of this as quickly as possible. With bed bugs you will want to order products immediately as it can take weeks if not months to book an exterminator that knows how to eradicate bedbugs, and once you do you may already have an advanced case which will be harder to treat.

I am sorry to have to tell you this, but you are on your own!. What I mean is that nobody can share the horrors of bed bugs with you… even if they wanted to. The next best thing is to find those people who have been there and are willing to help.

You can be spending thousands of naira on pesticides in hope that one day they actually work or you can use bed bug treatments that are cheap and effective.

This will allow you to completely get rid of the bed bugs and you will be able to finally sleep again without itching and worrying about being bitten while you sleep! The bed bugs and the bites will be gone for good…

Long Story Short: Call CHOGON FACILITIES FUMIGATION Team today and some bed bug bully and you will be bed bug free the quick inexpensive way. This will save you thousands of naira and sleepless night may have caused you! Get both you will thank me later!

Steps to Kill Bed Bugs


The first step is choosing some bed bug treatments above which are proven products for DIY home treatment. The super pack is recommended as it comes with everything you need to treat bed bugs including a steamer and is the best deal you will find online for treating bed bugs.

Getting the above products is crucial difference for killing the bed bugs and getting rid of them once and for all within your entire home. I highly recommend getting the Bed Bug super pack as the reviews are great! It will be enough to kill all the bed bugs in your whole environment and keep your home from becoming re-infested again. You will thank me later!

The Bed Bug Treatments help:

• Instantly Kill Adult Bed Bugs, Larva, & Eggs.

• Remove the Bed Bugs fecal matter.

• Save you Thousands of dollars!

• Prevent re-infestation / Protect Environment.

Direction 2


Bed Bug Mattress covers here

Used by schools and hospitals the bed bug covers allow you to keep the bugs from biting you while you sleep. If you can keep them from feeding your helping dehydrate them which leads to death.

Bed Bug Covers;

• Help eliminate bed bugs.

• Can be used on all beds.

• Protect you from bites.

• Are very affordable.

Note: Be sure to follow all steps so you can get rid of bed bugs and prevent future re-infestation. Re-infestation happens in MANY bed bug cases.

Also Recommended


You should get yourself some bed bugs traps here and place them in all rooms to both kill bed bugs and help detect areas they are living within your home. Bed bug traps are an essential part to finding and getting rid of bed bugs. These traps can really help you control the bugs which will lead to their eradication!

10 Bed Bug Treatment Tricks


1. Place bed bug traps in each room in your home.

2. Pay close attention to fabric items, bedding, furniture, mattresses, baseboards, walls and flooring.

3. Make sure to make use of the bed bug mattress covers on all beds.

4. Steam clean all your furniture and fabric items if you can.

5. Use an antibacterial on your bites to avoid infection.

6. Place any fabric items and clothing into air tight containers or bags when not in use.

7. Use bed bug repellents before bed to keep them from biting you.

8. Use bed bug traps in each room.

9. Place plastic cups on the bottom of bed posts.

10. De clutter your home to reduce places bed bugs can hide.

No More Bed Bugs or Bites…


You will have killed all bed bugs in your home almost instantly and have resumed your life! I hope my story provides at least some motivation to help you take the steps to get rid of bed bugs (I will be posting more tips and tricks soon!). Just don’t give up, because I know bed bugs is a hard thing to deal with and can be very depressing. You’ll feel things you haven’t felt before and feel like there is no hope. Here are the steps to take:

Steps to Take



Get CHOGON FACILITIES FUMIGATION TEAM to help you completely get rid of bed bugs but also prevent re-infestation which happens in MANY CASES and can lead to thousands of naira being spent. You will thank me later!

Get your Home Back!


Ultimately you can spend months if not years getting rid of this awful infestation. Why lose sleep over this whole ordeal when you can find a simple way to rid yourself of bed bugs using real treatments that work. Bed Bugs can be embarrassing, painful and very emotional. They feed on your blood and can result in dozens of other medical problems if not taken care of Immediately! Be sure to get both the super pack and mattress covers and kill your bed bugs the quick and affordable way.

Bed Bug Facts


Bed bugs can affect the cleanest people as they infest your home and are hard to identify.

Treat Your Entire Home Bed bugs can quickly get out of control so you should treat immediately!

Daily Bed Bug Tips


1. Check places they may be hiding.

2. Vacuum each day.

3. Launder your bedding regularly.

4. Move your bed and furniture.

5. Bed Bugs smell which helps detect them.

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