What is Academy4wealth::

academy for wealth is a school were we learn online and offline and still earn while learning and recharging our phones, TVs and electricity

Q.:What Do We Learn:::

A.: we learn the fundamentals of Multilevel marketing, ICT Basics, Telecoms optimization, Values and Principles. We also learn basics, practicals and principles of wealth creation from raw material level, processing, manufacturing, packaging, distribution, sales and consumption of goods, information, products and services.

Q.:What is the website:::

Q.:What is the School Fees::

A.: #4,000 ($12) one time payment

Q.:How often Do I pay the fees::

A.:once you registered, your trainings and earnings comes for life at no extra costs.

Q.:What is the Duration of my learning::

A.:at your own pace

Q.:What are the Time Table

A.: at your own times

Q:.Who Are The Teachers::

A:.All experiences, channels, media, professionals, captains of commerce and industries volunteer avenues to teach us all we desire to learn

Q.:Are the Learnings Certified??::

A.:we wish not to allow certification to be not the yardstick of learning as it may divert the purpose of the vision, which is to practically learn and know what we need to impact life and generations next but for certifications and endorsements, trainings are regulated, verified and endorsed by Professionals, Captains of commerce and industries and Government agencies.

Q.:What are the benefits of Academy4wealth Membership

A.: we are entitled to daily tips, trainings, practicals, demonstrations and audiovisual posts that transforms our minds and mental paradigms to wealth creative abilities.

Q.: How do we earn from

A.: referal Bonus #1,000

multilevel Bonus #50

Rank Awards/Incentives over#50M

investment bonuses of 0.3% daily

Profits & commissions from Recharges of MTN, Glo, Aitel, 9-Mobile, DSTV GOTV, STARTIMES, NEPA ETC

Q.: Must I refer to Earn

A.: No, Everyone earns. with or without


Q.: How do I earn without referals

A.: As people join the school, you still share the school fees by collecting multilevel, uplevel and rank awards but the referal bonus goes to the one that refered the member to our academy

Q:.What Are the Awards for everyone

A: Everyone Get the following awards


Abroad Vacations



lots More.....

Q.: when will I start earning all these

A.: once other students join the academy after you, you must share in the school fees whether they came through you or not

Q.: Must I Learn to Earn

A:. No, many are already earning without learning anything

Q.: what if I don't bring anybody

A: people must come to school, whether you want it or not, so you will earn in this school bcos your classmates are all over the world

Q: How much has others earned?

A:. join today

the academy started in Dec3-2018 and many have earned over #560,000.00 already

Q: How do l enroll??

A:. by clicking, make payment and then getting activated or register through a friends link

Q. Any extra advise

A. those that learn earn more

A. those that recommend earn most

Congrats in Advance

everyone is a teacher, everyone is a student.


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