YEMBAMB CLASSIC is a reputable firm rendering among other services the Credit Control, Recovery of Receivables, Investigative Audit, Tax Services, Accounting Services, Business Registration and Incorporation of Company, Procurement Services, Physical Inventory Count and Inventory Audit and General Contracts.

We are experts in recovery of receivables such as: excess bank charges on loan facility, unsettled POS sales, backlog of withholding tax credit notes and debt recovery. We help our clients to recover unsettled POS sales into their bank accounts, recovery of excess bank charges on loans is another valuable service we render to our clients. Also, recovery of debts and backlog of withholding tax credit notes from the clients' vendors nationwide. We also render tax and audit services.

In modern-day business, offering credit facilities is one of the ways of enhancing sales turnover. Unfortunately, getting payments for these goods sold or services rendered is getting increasingly difficult. But having enough time pursuing or chasing these debts may not be feasible. In addition, some business owners delegate this responsibility to their staff but high level of commitment to achieve required result is lacking among them. As it is generally known, the more liquid any business enterprise, the better it is to experience smooth and uninterrupted running of day to day business activities.

This is why we are in business and also the need for you to outsource this responsibility to the expert. We unsure that all your outstanding debts are recovered within a shorter period of time. Reach out to us and let help your companies to have an itch free liquidity challenge.

Likewise, the importance of withholding tax credit notes cannot be over emphasised. Unfortunately, the recovery of these vital documents is not always an easy task. As it is known that the more withholding tax credit notes you have at your disposal, the less company income tax you pay at the end of your financial year. To help our clients recover these documents from their clients is our delight. Our rate of commission is competitive and reasonable. Don't rely on your staff delegated to perform this duty because you hardly get required results. Let us help you to do this and you will surely be happy of working with us.

We also render procurement services to our clients. We procure for manufacturing companies, corporate organizations, construction companies and individuals. The details of our procurement services are highlighted below:

> Manufacturing companies: We supply agro related materials such as: Corns, sorghum, wheat, etc. We also supply high quality printing and packaging materials such as: labels, packaging plastics and cartons.

> Construction companies: We supply cement and sands.

> Corporate organizations: We supply them with stationeries, toiletaries, furniture and other office equipments and items.

> Individuals: We supply our individual clients with range of needs as required by them. Such as: furniture, electronic, occasional attaires aka "aso ebi", high quality leather slippers aka "pam slippers" and also interior decorating services.

Please cantact us and we are always there for you.

Thank you.

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