Tolumi TFP's fashion school has without doubt proved to be the best in Ibadan.

The trainer is London trained and is back to Nigeria, Ibadan to support and give back to the people of South West Nigeria, Ibadan.

The fashion school runs an international standard syllabus that covers every aspect of fashion necessary, from pattern drafting, to fashion drawing and professional sewing techniques. so for those who have been in a search for a great fashion school in the city, search no more, you have found just what you need.

for those who want international exposure on fashion skills,who want to see how it is done abroad and all, Tolumi TFP is an official agent for the prestigious London College of Fashion, and the students usually go on a summer program to study at the school.


1. Full profesional fashion class

6 months intense training for fresh students. You do not need to have prior knowledge or possess any fashion skills. We have many graduates who have gone from not being able to thread a needle to starting a fashion house. You will be surprised at how much you can learn in 6months'

2. Special training for Corpers and students

because we support the young people-get-a-skill movement, we give all corpers and students interested in getting a basic skills in fashion a 50% discount, so they pay only half price.

3. Weekend class for working professionals

for those working 9-5, we have a Saturdays only class for working professionals. it is usually a fun and interesting class.

4. Part classes

part time classes during the week

5. Finishing school for fashionistas

for those that have learnt basic skills in fashion and will like to work on their skills to a professional and international standard level, we run a1 month finishing school.

we basically have a class for everyone. our prices are very affordable with flexible methods of paying.


13, Okunola Abbas, Off Oluyole Way, Favos, Ibadan



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