FAA LTD is a professional services firm engaging in architectural design, Interior design, Construction, Project management, as well as related research, planning and consulting activities.

Under our corporate vision of "creating a sustainable environment," through the collaborative efforts of our in-house architects, designers, engineers, planners, and consultants, we provide designs and solutions that are both creative and feasible.

To address the increasingly diversified and complex issues of today, the FAA limited will continue to provide one-stop, life-cycle services across a wide range of areas from urban development, architectural design, and interior design, Construction and Project management.

We will continue to strive as a team of professionals at the cutting edge of socio-environmental design to listen sincerely to the voices of society and our clients, and guarantee our unwavering commitment to value and quality.

Our teams of interior designers create environments that seamlessly integrate people, the environment, technology and the ultimate purpose of the space.

As a construction firm, we transform design concepts into tangible assets through a comprehensive approach to construction that is informed by our diverse technical expertise.

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