E-MEDITEL SALVAGE ENTERPRISES (E-MEDITEL) is a legally registered company domicile in Nigeria, Western Africa.

The services of E-MEDITEL SALVAGE ENTERPRISES include:

1. Cybersecurity: Personal, Organisational and Government Cybersecurity. Database security & Web presence security.

2. Digital Marketing: E-meditel helps with your brand and business promotion online. They design and propagate your business and brand in ways that aim at achieving five (5) clear objective;

a. Keep your existing Clients or Customers.

b. Attract New Customers or Clients.

c. Increase Purchasing Volume or Patronage Volume.

d. Increase Purchasing Frequency or Patronage Frequency.

c. Repeat the process on Autopilot

E-meditel achieves the above through Online sponsored and targeted Ads, Professional Copy writing,e-mail marketing, facebook sponsored adverts and other customized Ad approach.

3. Importation:E-meditel helps startups and other large organizations with low-cost importation of desired products. They also mentor interested startups on starting and growing a successful importation business.

4. ICT: Information and communication technology, website designs and maintenance, Routers Networking.

5. Capacity Building: They have a Public speaking and capacity building department which has proven effective in topics on HEALTH, FINANCIAL INTELLIGENCE, CYBER-SECURITY,INTERNET-BASED BUSINESSES (Infopreneurship, e-commerce etc)

6. Hotels and Hospitality: E-meditel has a department that helps with hotel reservation, verification and follow up without the guest having to go through the stress and heartaches. They currently have over 150 Premium hotels within Nigeria and 2 Hotels in South Africa in there management.


  • 7b, Kwato Road, Ungwan-Rimi GRA,Kaduna North, Kaduna. NIGERIA, Kaduna, Kaduna

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